Mark Ruffalo and Matt Bomer in The Normal Heart

"During my first or second episode, it was raining hard - big puddles all over the Warner Bros. lot and the girls - Courteney, Jen and Lisa  - had to go and play in the puddles. It was so great seeing them come back sopping wet from their heads to their toes, sides aching with that delirious laughter, having to hold each other up it was so funny, that suddenly I had this clear picture, that with that kind of giddy fun, if they could hold onto that, if they could bottle up that joy, they could do anything in this world. And they did, didn’t they? Every week. Jane Sibbet


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New Home Is Where The Internet Is!  Tumblr’s 10-page limit is keeping me from posting the whole thing, so head on over to the webcomic to read the rest (plus a blog post with Paris photos and doodles).

I’m going to Strasbourg tomorrow!!!  I’m so excited.  We might take a day trip into Germany and the Black Forest 8-D AHHHHHH.  Back soon, love and hugs~

-Your friend Tally

Tally is not only an AMAZING comic artist but she’s living the dream! I hope my girls grow up and don’t let the constant yet abstract notion of fear dictate how they live in this world. Way to go Tally!! :D

I love this so much! As someone who’s only really started to travel in the last year, I totally get that initial terror. I’ve been pretty fortunate, and made so many friends all over the world. I went to Boston on a whim this weekend and got to spend an evening with comic people I met mostly through twitter - and everyone was wonderful. Yes, I got terrible food poisoning on the way home, but I also got to have barbecue and Manhattans with people who used to be strangers. Travel! It’s good for you.



wow people on tumblr are gettin so turnt over the tfios cig metaphor scene clip whatever that got released

here’s a thought

nobody’s gonna put a gun to your head and make you see the fuckin movie just scroll past it because that book means a lot to a lot of people and they don’t need your mocking or “lol john green” comments

pleased to see that john wrote an awesome response to the anti-gus nonsense and it’s pretty great

My relationship with my followers

Me: ask me anything guys, nothing is off the limits.




Me: okay, I'll just reblog some pictures.

About the arrow necklace [x]


My narrative assignment for class. :0

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Supersonic Visits: Rachel Suggs.

Artist Rachel Suggs illustrates lovely fantasies with great intricacy and ability.  Recently Supersonic got the chance to visit her studio in Baltimore where she is attending the Maryland Institute College of Art working on her BFA in illustration.  Her work, however, is a testament to the fact that illustration can also be fine art.  See more of Rachel’s studio below:

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Sketching !

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Proper ways to deal with misogynistic men and reasons why I love Brienne of Tarth.

I would much rather be running this race with you than against you.

As equals.

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