“The Little Mermaid” illustrated by Kata Kiss


Artist: Sachin Teng

I changed my theme! About time as the old one was supposed to be temporary. Aaand I also changed my icon, but that wasn’t on purpose, haha. I’ll change it again later, I couldn’t find the picture I used before so I’m gonna have to draw another one.

I’m gonna add a drawing of my own as side photo but as of now I have a stunning piece by annmarcellino. I hope that’s okay as it’s only for a couple of days.

I also have a new theme on my art blog, which is much better suited for an art blog.

Sometimes when he’s not home we sneak into his house, just to use his hot tub. I’m not even kidding.



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Harry Potter + Wands (x), (x).


Enjoy. :)


Odds and ends

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The Elephant House, “birthplace of Harry Potter”, located in George IV Bridge Street in Edinburgh, UK. One of the cafés where JK Rowling spent time writing, in 1995. The toilets are covered with messages, thank you notes and quotations from the books written by the fans.


i know im only 21 but sometimes i see mutual follows who are just now turning 16 and im just



François Hubert Drouais and Studio, Portrait of a Lady, said to be Mademoiselle de Forges (details)

c. 1770