Stoick: Turns out all we needed was a little more of… this.
Hiccup: You just gestured to all of me.

I’m blogging to you now from England!

Yup, the next year I’ll be studying abroad in England. Not that it makes a difference for you guys but now you now. I start school tomorrow! Eeeeeexcited and scared!

Title: Howl's Moving Castle Theme (Music Box)

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A commission I did some time ago for Storytime children’s magazine, this was so much fun to do! :o) The story is an old celtic tale about a beautiful girl kidnapped by a fairy king, and her husband who is trying to save her. 

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this is the example I cite as the sort of shit Disney can come up with but just… doesn’t as often as they should. This an Treasure Planet were just so oozing creativity and it hurts that they never revisited that level, not since.

The spine-chilling music for that sequence, btw


Wandering Beasts by John Kenn

Kenn writes and directs television shows for children and when he’s not taking care of his own children, he draws monsters on post-it notes. His own “little window into a different work, made on office supplies.” 


I lost track of this week’s daily sketches due to holidays, so here are these two to make up for it.

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Have I been living with him for too long or did that all just make sense?


ava ire for ava-ire

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Another species to be added to the ever-growing tick-list:

Africa’s Western Black Rhino has been officially declared EXTINCT. Poaching and lack of conservation have led the subspecies of black rhino to extermination, while the Northern White Rhino is ‘teetering on the brink of extinction’.

    Way to go, humanity.

what’s sad is hardly anyone fucking cares or wants to hear about it let alone talk about it


Photography, 2014 | by Garmonique


this is so unbelievably beautiful



emily lubanko on tumblr

Thanks again, fuckyeahillustrativeart :)