Breathing fast and hard, he stared down at it. Now that he wanted time to move as slowly as possible, it seemed to have sped up, and understanding was coming so fast it seemed to have bypassed thought. This was the close. This was the moment. He pressed the golden metal to his lips and whispered, “I am about to die.” - J.K. Rowling

"Potter belongs in my House! Beneath the disbelief and anger, Harry heard a little strain of pride in her voice, and affection for Minerva McGonagall gushed up inside him."


maybe it’s the announcement of the new movie, but something really made me wanna draw Harry before he found out he was a wizard.

four houses, requested by anonymous



happy birthday harry, and thank you for everything

"This girl is very nice-looking,” Krum said. He was pointing at Ginny, who had just joined Luna. “She is also a relative of yours?”
“Yeah,” said Harry, suddenly irritated, “and she’s seeing someone. Jealous type. Big bloke. You wouldn’t want to cross him.”
Krum grunted.

Goodbye, Harry.