It is doooooone! I find background super-duper difficult(‘cause i never draw them) but I tried! Klainetaurs everybody, hope you like it.

This episode is messy, geez there’s so much happening!

And I didn’t think it would happen anytime soon but Blaine’s obnoxious eating is grossing me out, haha kudos to Darrens acting.

Cold Open from “Tested”

Klainetaurs in the makin’ ;);););)

Behind-the-Scenes of GLEE

Love Is A Battlefield (Glee Cast Version)
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Love Is A Battlefield (Glee Cast Version)


wait but hold up

blaine was putting his pants on while he was in the loft

so either that scene is post-sex or he’s move back in

either way i approve of this greatly.


Old Glee: Blaine has surgery and Rachel and Finn babysit Klaine.

New Glee: Kurt is hurt and everyone leaves him alone with Blaine because they deserve privacy.

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You know what? I don’t like the fact that Glee has gotten good again.That I am excited by it, that I have started to long for the Glee-day. I was done with that, I took the episode as they came and hiatus was a fucking walk in the park! But now, every day during the entire past week I’ve been thinking about it and waiting and waiting and it’s not fun! It’s not fun!


5.16 “Tested” (Promo)

hrhchriscolfer: First day!!!


OK, I might regret this.  But I wanted to weigh in on a bit of fandom wank that has been bugging me.  Feel very, very free to (respectfully) disagree with me, and please know that this isn’t directed at anyone in particular.  Just some food for thought that wouldn’t leave me alone:

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I’m only a little scared that by moving klaine to different apartments means they can go on keeping them apart again? And how long do we have to wait before they actually move back together?

It’s okay for now though, I so happy, I got klaine feels I haven’t truly felt since season 2. I’m so excited for more of New Glee.