Jim: Alright guys, this joke’s stupid, stop it. Stop it!

Joey: No, this joke’s great.


if you didnt read it in his voice youre lying


Judas Redux cast makes a Ticket Announcement. With cameos by Mia Swier, Sean Astin(as Dylan Saunders) and Darren Criss.

We’re like long lost brothers who’ve found each other and love each other like family!

“Starkid is about friendship- that is it- nothing less than best lifelong friendships.”

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I think the future is bright for all of us. Except for Darren. Poor kid.


Joe Moses and Darren Criss  watch AVPSY at Pat Brady’s house.

(She gave me full permission to post the photo)

but I have work in the morning…

A Very Potter Senior Year will be released on Friday, March 15th!

Everything has an end/ Even when it doesn’t make sense

I’m missing Wizards of Wavery Place for this!